We help you get the credit you are looking for:

· Creating and building a CPN (Credit Privacy Number)
· Improving your Credit Score: White hat techniques implemented by a speciallist who will create a gameplan tailored to your needs.
· Adding tradelines / authorized users to your credit.

Our proven process works in all 50 states and with a proud 100% success rate.
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tired of applying
for apartments and getting denied?

If you are looking for a credit to rent an apartment or buy it, don't let financial hurdles get in the way.
Reside in the apartment complex of your choosing. No credit check apartments!


Your CPN will include satisfactory tradelines that will add leverage to your credit score. Once the tradelines mature, you will be able to enjoy the many privileges that accompany a strong credit score.

get a cpn (CREDIT PRIVACY NUMBER) today!

Evictions, bankruptcies, and a poor credit score are some of the troubles that have plagued many of our clients. However, with the use of their CPN, our tailored system, and the adherence to each specific set of instructions, they were approved with great ease! You too can be approved for the apartment of your dreams!

Improve your credit score

Even if you have a bad credit score, look ahead to a promising future. Any bright future begins with a solid plan and deliberate execution. With our team of experts, we will guide you through a course of action that will maximize your credit and grant you the necessary tools to maintain a healthy credit score.



We have been helping people get into their new homes since 2014.


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We service all 50 states.

meet the families and young couples that made their dreams come true

Meet the families and couples that we helped get their dream home come to reality. Since 2017 more than 15.000 families got approved in 24hs and are now living in the places they chose.
Every day people come to Appartment Approvals Today asking for help and we are proud to say that 100% of our customers got approved and that you can be the next!


We can answer frequently asked questions about CPN, how our program works, how we improve your credit score, add tradelines and authorized users and many other inquiries.

Are Client Privacy Numbers legal?

Obtaining a CPN is 100% legal. Please see the link below that directs to the FBI website verifying the legality. See line 35 at the very bottom of this page

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How long does the CPN process take?

We begin today. No queues! Once the online forms are filled, the whole process from start to finish is complete in as little as 72 business hours top.

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